Scotty Cameron 2019 Putters

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Reviews | 0 comments

Few putter manufacturers have achieved the fame and following that Scotty Cameron has. Each year, he racks up more PGA tour wins, and normally a major or two. The average golfer became aware of him in 1997 when Tiger Woods won The Masters in spectacular fashion with a Scotty Cameron TeI3 Newport. The distinct face and dotted cavity looked like nothing else at the time, and golfers everywhere flocked to local retailers to get in on the action.

Since then, Scotty has continually evolved his putter line each year. Like a luxury car maker, refining the design each year, with little tweaks and added features. While the current lineup looks nothing like the putters that achieved him so much fame in the late 90s, the current lineup is spectacular in its own right. The 2019 line has 25 putters in total, with most available in different lengths. Adjustable weights on many of the lineup add the ability to customize your Scotty Cameron putter to exactly what feels best for you. It may take a bit of experimentation, but with as important of a club as the putter is, it’s worth the effort. While that may seem daunting to the average Joe, it all starts with picking the head shape that you feel most comfortable with. Each one is a quality putter made to exacting standards with top notch materials and attention to detail.

The Select series is Scotty’s interpretation of the classic designs that have stood the test of time for all manufacturers. At address, these putters are pleasing to the eye and unencumbered. The real magic happens on the face and sole of the putter. The impact zone of the putters are aircraft grade aluminium, which extends to the sole. On the sole at the heel at toe, there are weights that can be switched out to help golfers achieve the toe hang, and thus, toe flow that fits their stroke best.

The Futura line of putters has certainly evolved the most over the years. Nothing in the 2019 line resembles the first Futura putter that was released in 2004. This line seems to be where Scotty tinkers and plays with design the most. Looking back through his archives, you can see an evolution that has pushed the envelope and experimented with shape, material, and design more than anything. Every putter manufacturer needs to have the staples in their lineup. That’s the Select serie for Scotty. The Futura and Phantom X lines are where Scotty gets to play.

Speaking of the Phantom X line, this is the area where technology meets the green. With combinations of colors, materials, and finishes meant to lead the eye to the ball, the Phantom X line of putters seems to be geared towards golfers that are looking to find their stroke. These mallets are truly unlike anything else on the market. Head balance, MOI, and a bit of psychology go hand in hand with this line. These are the head shapes for the people looking to put as much technology into their putter as possible…without the need for batteries.

When choosing a new putter, it’s important to check out everything out there. This will be the most important club in your bag for the season, or seasons to come. You should try lots of different head shapes, weights, lengths, and sizes. Scotty Cameron’s putters have something for just about everyone. The entire line of putters is available at better retailers and golf courses across the country.