Scotty Cameron 2019 Putters

Few putter manufacturers have achieved the fame and following that Scotty Cameron has. Each year, he racks up more PGA tour wins, and normally a major or two. Check out the 2019 lineup of Scotty Cameron putters.

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Gene Nead “MiNi Nead” Putter Review

Gene Nead is one of a half-dozen different manufacturers actively making smaller versions of their bread-winners to appeal to the avid collectors. The funny thing that has happened is that people are starting to USE these putters…and they are pretty nice! Some say it’s easier to see what your stroke is doing. Others say it helps targeting. There will also always (always) be those that keep one in the bag for novelty. The Gene Nead MiNi is more than all of the above. This is a serious putter, for serious golfers.

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