In Putter Talk Episode 3, Bob Bettinardi mentioned a putter that went from a concept to a reality in under a week. I’m pleased to (finally) be able to show you all pictures of the putter he was talking about.

These are Putter Talk Exclusive pictures of an unnamed Bettinardi Blade Prototype.

This original design offers a ‘modern’ version of the classic blade putter. Robotic was the first word that came to my mind when I saw it back in February during a visit to Studio B.

The new “Rail Road” milling pattern on the impact zone offers greatly reduced friction, while keeping the soft feel of the D.A.S.S. (Double Aged Stainless Steel) material. Combining these two elements offers a VERY soft feeling putter, and shows the innovation that the Bettinardi Studio constantly offers.

Notice that the insert isn’t really an insert at all. It’s a different milling pattern that is added after the “HoneyComb” milling pattern is in place. This pattern is placed in the optimal area for ball striking.

Expect to see this type of technology from Bettinardi Golf on upcoming releases in the future.

The 3/4 Center-Shaft design gives the putter toe-hang “5:00” toe-hang, while allowing for a sight-dot to line the ball up against. With the toe being taller than the heel, it is easier to move the ball through your stroke, promoting proper arched path. easier path through your stroke.

You’ll notice that at address, this putter is reminiscent of a classic ‘Bullseye’ style putter with a slight flange. Because of this, I found it very easy to putt with. Something else that I liked was that the bottom is very flat compared to a lot of putters we have seen recently. Setting up to this putter was very easy. I would place it on the ground, and “get into” the proper position with the putter in my hands.

Sinking 6 or 15 footers with this putter was fun for me. In fact, everyone else on the putting green started taking notice this afternoon when I took it for a spin. There were 5-6 “regulars” at the local Muni putting green that all took turns hitting a sleeve or two with it. The consensus was that this putter is a real winner. Not being used to what “Tour Putters” go for, everyone thought I was joking when I mentioned how much they typically cost…one man asked if he could write a check.

He’ll be able to write a check…but he’ll need to contact a Bettinardi Tour Putter Distributor like TKS Putters or Studio B to do it. I should also mention that there are only 9 of these in the world. He’d better be quick about it! (You too!)

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High-Speed Video Clip

Download this clip: (Quicktime required)
Company: Bettinardi Golf
MSRP: $2,500
Length: 35″
Loft: 3-deg
Lie: 71-deg
Head Weight: 340g
Swing Weight: E-4
Material: DASS
Grip: Winn AVS
Head Cover: AM&E
Manufacturing Type: 100% CNC Milled
Made In: USA