When Bettinardi’s head of Product Development hands you with a putter and says “This putter doesn’t exist yet…tell me what you think” you KNOW you are in for something special.

Putter Talk was granted exclusive access to bring you pictures of this “may be released” putter.

The new face milling is designed to get the ball rolling VERY quickly, without needing to go to 1* of loft, and keeping the MOI at optimum levels.

The “Pod” area on the back is used to adjust the weight of the putter. At this point, it wasn’t user-servicable, but that doesn’t mean that future versions of this prototype won’t.

MY first impression was that it was very easy to putt with. The putter was easy to set up, and had phenomenal feel on long, and short putts inside their studio.

Whether or not it sees the light of day is anyone’s guess…but it sure is fun to see what they are up to at Studio B when there is a foot of snow in the parking lot.

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