Your Jewel?


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This is my Heritage David made for me back in 2008. The pictures really don't do it justice. While this isn't my gamer, it might just be the backup. The feel and looks are pleasing to me and I have confidence with it. I have made some crazy putts with it and a lot more normal putts, too.



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Very grateful David Mills took time to make me a #12 putter a few years back.
Posted these pics before in other threads.
Still gaming and love my #12 w/kickback hosel/bullet sole.
All time favorite putter design.
1st putter I ever had a was TPM #12 (one of the good ones, early model) and that putter felt great.
It also had a Danny Edwards peeble grain Royal Grip. Couple of things: Wish I had that old putter back and that old Royal Edwards model putter grip
on my newer #12.


My "ONE" handmade by David Mills around 2015. More heel shafted or what he called bobtail that has full offset and lots of toe hang. Originally I wanted David to make me a 8802 but he talked me into this and said it was close to what he made for Phil Mickelson (when he used a T.P. Mills to win a couple times) This is my main gamer and on fast greens the 357g carbon steel helps me control the speed better than anything else.
P.S. I also own 3 other lefty handmade Mills but this is my Jewel because it was made for me.


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I have a few to choose form (coughs guiltily into hand), let me try and pick a jewel and get back to you guys.

There are some real BEAUTIES been posted here already! :)