Xenon Hand made Element


trying to get back on course......
plays at 35" 3 degrees loft the lie is fairly upright I would say 72
I would put the head weight at about 355
Handworked top line stainless and a really fine face mill.
Gripped with super stroke tour GT with counter balance 50g weight
Xenon cover included
Swings and feels great!
350 shipped USPS priority mail to US address



If my GIR was higher, my scores would be lower.
I already have MANY Xenon's, perhaps more than most people, several single and double digit serial numbers, so... I will chime in on the quality and as I know that you wouldn't have a poorly made putter, recommend that someone consider this one. The element (especially the handmade ones) are really awesome sticks...
Jimbo :cool:


trying to get back on course......
this has been sold and is no longer available Mr Doug I don't know how to lock this