TP Mills putter availability?


I always wonder if the Toulon/Mills /Odyssey collaboration would have created a new OTR line.
My imagination suspects Toulon just wanted to put his name on Mills designs; and as soon as David figured that out he said “Hell No”. Purely speculative on my part.


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There was a brief collaboration with Odyssey/Mills that doesn't seem to have panned out (from what I can see) but there may be some contractual something or other that is in the way... don't know this to be true, just trying to speculate why someone that was so interactive has been shut off from those who were so loyal.
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At this point I personally hope David doesn't go the OTR route. It was tried before with the Anvil Series. All that did IMHO was dilute the value of his and my customs. They weren't particularly great putters and the ones I rolled just didn't have that Mills "feel" to them. I was also glad the Toulon/Mills/Odyssey partnership failed to materialize for a few reasons. One I could see Davids timeless designs and craftmanship being bastardized and diluted with Toulons and Odysseys (IMHO) garish designs. Two is I at least have always come back to Mills classic looks, feel and finishes. I don't want that to change. In my experience if you want a Mills e-mail David with a request and you'll get an answer. Then the process will start. I do however miss the old days. I remember my first two Mills. David sent me the unshafted heads without a finish on them to approve the design. I then sent em back for final finish and assembly. LOL.


How did the Anvil Series feel compared to the professional series line? I’m asking because I never tried the anvil series.


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I have a Anvil SS Softtail and I have the Professional Series line but they are all carbon so hard to compare but, the Anvil for the price point did not disappoint. The Anvil I use for inclement conditions and is worth its value to me.


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The Mills designs always resonated with me. Classic, beautiful designs that were originals. I'm sad that I don't one currently. I really need to contact David.

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I too have had great experiences corresponding and ordering from David - TOP bloke. My hand made Mills and early work from TP are amongst my most prized putters.