The Grinch will need a new name, REFINISH in process

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I agree with your last sentence as well John. The comments about protecting the brand, destroying a putter and worrying about the secondary market are very reminiscent of TCC. I truly hope it is a road that the Bettinardi brand doesn't have to take due to its fans.
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I have said too much again... Tony... say something to deflect attention again!
Time zone issues again, sorry Matt I took the wife out for the night (remember those pre-twins days ?) anyway now she's wined, dined & stuffed ::) for another week back to other things.

Chickenpotpie, you wanted more details on the Porsche matter, well I took a friend's Boxster S out for a spin this morning and three things I now know. & yes I do think the S stands for Stainless. ;D

1. I need to find good chiropractor :-[
2. Carry bags only fit in the passenger seat :-\
3. It is no Jaguar :'(

True its far more nibble on country lanes but, the ride is very firm to say the least, its down on power, short on interior toys & German (Don't anybody mention the war ::) ) a possible Sunday toy but its not gonna get a load of use from me. Let’s just hope the new Bettinadri mallet is both more accommodating & easier to live with. ???

Regards the more experienced opinions of Rodney and John, life is a journey which we are all on different points along and hence, differing views, opinions and more importantly approaches can be expected and should be embraced. I guess what I'm trying to say badly is, I hope PT and the Bettinardi section of has room for people/golfers/collectors at every point along their own personal journeys. Rodney/John just straighten us out when you guys think its required, even the Cash Extractor thinks us mallet guys are "pretty special" although, I not sure of his use of double meanings :eek: Take from that what you will ;D

People’s opinion changes over time, some people don't even like weld necks or didn't in previous posts but hey they don't need to be named. So I'd like to thank both Rodney and John for sharing their vast experience with all of us. 8)



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As soon as people started talking about "value," you knew this thread was going to take a turn for the worst. Thankfully, people stopped short of calling their collections "investments."

Anyone else see the slope? It looks awfully slippery...
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yes lots of questions he is by far the most knowledgeable as to the operation of the machines and what each product is used for

Probably the funniest thread ending I've ever seen and gives an idea of the Special nature of The Jimmy Factory Tour




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Agreed. Don't post in here much for reasons similar to this. Calling someone out for being "tasteless" for posting a putter in this forum is really over the line.

I think the putter and the work look good so far, and would like to see the end result.

@Mark: I agree with your post regarding the welds, especially the first pic isn't the greatest and the weld still looks pretty good to me.


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edmart said:
Calling someone out for being "tasteless" for posting a putter in this forum is really over the line.
I sent him an apology. My passion for putters is sometimes hard to contain... ;)


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Z3R013 said:
Any updates?
The putter should arrive today, unfinished :( Long story but the person I used got a little "overextended" at the finishing house. When I get it in hand, I will look at my options. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it Nickel plated still as I like that color. But I'm also talking with a few people in my industry and I have a source to do of all things a PVD coating :)


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Hopefully I'll have pictures tonight, just in time for my Kohler Golf Vacation!
Its in the mail for today's delivery
I don't care about the putter one way or another, but I am extemely jealous of the Kohler golf vacation. Whistling Staits, the Irish Course, Blackwolf Run, The Bull, The Bog, Erin Hills, Brown County. I can't think of a much better vacation. Have fun.



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I have the putter! It did not make it on my trip as I was over run at work the week before. I got in Sunday and yesterday added a little paint fill. Look for pics tonight, I promise!
As for the golf trip played Blackwolf Run River course, Whistling Straits- Straits course, Erin Hills in WI and Harbor Shores in SW Michigan- The pics are way better than the putter pics.