Texas Tea


trying to get back on course......
Thanks to Olaf once again! This sure feels nice- I hope to have it on the course soon!


trying to get back on course......
Thanks, guys! You don't see these in the wild that often!
Olaf is a real gentleman!


Olaf sir if you had that one just laying around I would love to see what putters your not willing to part with.

Rob McHugh

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That is a beautiful putter Rob; stylish and elegant - just my cup of tea! :)



trying to get back on course......
Thanks again, guys!
I could not resist, I am totally off site lines any more and the clean look got to me.
Feels nice as well- I have been more and more into Carbons as of late.
Oh yeah Dan, still alive'n'kicking

The boards got quiet so, I stopped visiting so often, kinda went off Bettinardi with the way they handled the whole Jimmy Sorce issue and stopped hoing so much.

Yep still playing, played Celtic Manor yesterday, surprizingly for Wales at this time of year it was very dry, windy and greens were like putting on glass, its a tough walk at the best of times with all the elevation changes but, looked Fn stunningly. The course was in really good condition, great day in great company with a few drinks before and after the round followed by some some more in the local Curry house when we got home.

The mini half moon mallet has kinda got the bag good and proper, my game is not so good as I play less nowdays with my daughter still needing lots of Dad Time but, I still average 50-60 rounds a year. Secondard school comes for her in a couple of years so, I'll be less important than her friends then and get to play more but until then, I'm just building memories for my old age.

Sometimes in life we can get so wrapped up in our own shit we forget what really matters, I'm just juggling the me, family, work balance stuff as I see fit and m time on here kinda taken a back seat, sorry guys.

Good to hear from you Dan, hows it all going your end ?



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dans4fun said:

T, how's your game. Still playing. Don't hear from you as miuch.

Echo that, good to hear from you!

More daughter time in my world is more grand daughter time... and it is precious indeed. I also hope you have stopped running into rubbish vehicles with you Jag. Good to see you around here, even if it is just a short visit.

Jimbo 8)