Technology Change - Capto


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I have recently made another technology change. I have been looking for a more portable system. For quite some time I have been researching the Capto Putting Analysis. I like the accuracy and versatility of how the information is presented. I have been able to structure the presentation to fit my needs rather than adjust to the system I am using. It allows me to instantly relate the feedback to the 9 Profiles. It allows me to easily analyze in real time the entirety of the stroke to quickly show the conflicts between your Profile and the actual measurement. This allows us to quickly decide what is best for the player. I constantly fight the concept of matching strokes to technology. I believe there is an optimal stroke for every player, that is unique to that player. Finally it allows me to easily move outside and get real feedback for fit or instruction. Unfortunately, laboratory fits rarely match outdoor needs. The best fits come when you can look and compare both. If you are curious about the technology and I can help feel free to contact me.