SWAG GOLF HEADCOVERS Post your favorites!

T. J.

PUTTERS!? We no need no,,, wait,,, si , we do !!
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Favorite cover as in?

1) Favorite cover you have seen or
2) Favorite cover you have?

1) Flamingo-Oh Fudge-SWAG VICE- Magnum PI ,,,,,,,,,,

2) NONE,,, been close a couple of times tho !!!


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Here's my current fave, but it's about to get bumped later this week when my April Fool's package arrives.
Swag Stacked.JPG


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This cover is a giant slayer and an inspiration to all. Never give up on your dreams. It’s not about how you start, it’s how you finish. This cover got knocked down, but, guess what? It got up again. You are never going to keep it down. The best is yet to come for the beauty. Join the movement.



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I love the OHHH FUDGE!!! It's on the top of my want list! It makes me think of my Dad, who got me into the Game! My Dad used to say that the was just Like Ralphie when he was a Kid!46310515_208834913335026_4672434895367372174_n.jpg