Suave One Arrival and 1st Try


I received my new Swag putter today and took it to the local muni practice green. Wow, it is the real deal. I putted really good with it and it felt so good! The milling is perfect with a soft feel but not too much that it affects the distance. It is actually one of the best feeling putters I have had which includes a great balance. Lags were right on and I sunk more that I would have expected. The quality is unsurpassed IMHO. It's hard to see but there are tiny milling marks across the top of the bumpers. It's a nice touch. Nick should be proud of the team he assembled as they do great work.


Rob McHugh

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Always a bonus when the honeymoon with the new flatstick goes well. Congratulations, she's a beauty! (y)



Considering the number of high end putters I have gone through this one did surprise me a bit. It is hard to describe. It feels very solid, could be the neck. I am not really sure. Anyway thanks. 👍🏿


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Played today with mine as well. Drained a TON. Had to get the mid sized grip off; broke my heart but can’t use those. Put an all Black rubber Swag skull grip on. Perfect! Now I need to figure out which is the gamer: the carbon Suave One or the SS......first world problems.......


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Love how this putter looks, the neck is just spot on. A little heavy for me but sure I could get used to it :)


I have had this long enough for any honeymoon period to be over and still put fantastic with this one. I would like to pick up a beached one, Rad Sound Great Handsome one. I have not been one of the FS other than the web site which are sold out.