Scott Readman SRC first ever US MASTERS inspired covers


So, due to many requests we have just released our Masters covers which are now available on our website. We are only able to offer this design in standard blade size and also driver.

Obviously we have featured all the colors of the infamous pin flags but we also decided to pick on the Southern Magnolia and also added the driveway itself in the form of a marbled grey bar which runs through the middle of the cover.

Hope you like them. :)



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I ordered one on Friday when they were released - unfortunately I wasn't the first (well the kids were screaming for their dinner!)


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Arrived today!

Scott and Emma have delivered a cracker this time. Really like this and it’ll be on the putter for the weekend. Question is, how long is it suitable to leave it in th bag after th Masters has finished???

Mr. Doug

Here we go!
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That's a sharp cover! Congrats.

As to the question... I've always used the "Masters" covers the week of the tournament, and then put them on the wall until next year. ;)


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In all honesty the yellow is a bit brighter than it came out in the photos above. It is a really nice cover.
Very pleased with it.

It’ll last longer than this week - I’ll certainly give it until the next major anyway...