SC Detour Newport 2 Remake


This is not a collection, but one of the 8-10 putters that I have. I have been wanting to do this for some time. Finally found a reasonably prices Newport 2 Detour on eBay and went for it. I need a bit of clean up. So I removed the old insert, did a bit of filing and sanding with a fine grit 1X42 belt sander. Then installed a copper insert from Spry Evo.
Paint fill is black, white and copper (Tamyia) and some black acrylic caulk around the insert.

It could use some more sanding, but I didn't want to spend too much time one it. Installed a black shaft. Was really debating about having it go to BOS for black oxide on the head. But really have a lot invested in it already.

IMG_0070.jpg IMG_0071.jpg IMG_0073.jpg

BTW, is there a better place to post this than in "Collections"?


I have to admit, one of my favorite parts is the copper, black & white paint fill on the sole. It’s still going to have a hard time kicking my Evnroll out the bag, but we’ll give a try.

Rob McHugh

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That is a great set-up! Love the putter and glad you picked up a classy cover for her - hard to find those old covers in that condition these days. :)



I was really thinking about it, but I'm into this thing a lot. Another $120 would put me way over the top. When KBS comes out with their CT Tour Shafts in .355 I going to get a brushed chrome version. And go with the brushed look all the way.

Plus I already have a murdered out ER1.2.


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That is a sweet looking putter! Like most have said,getting ideas! I've seen others where they just removed the (weight/stability) portion and it didn't do anything for me. This one however has!