Rattler 2, Rocky Mtn 303 SS and a raised toe


Throw a fit...not your putter!
I'm ready to see more!!! I love it! Is there any way to get this to 355g? The corners on the back of the neck look absolutely classy! Nice, LaMont...


The little guy just working harder, ;-)
Got some better pictures, post-welding. This one is up for a shot at a past US Open winner's bag. He requested the Anser-ish look, but a wider top line and sharper edges on the top line than most makers do, lately.
This one, being from RM303 SS will be zero maintenance and hopefully, right up his alley.
I will post his thoughts and see what lay in store for this rascal.
LaMont in AZ



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I really like the way you mill the cavities on these - simple, but lots of help with alignment. Great looking head LaMont. Got one with a long round flow neck in the works?!?!?!?!