Putter bling


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How about this for bling ? The owner is a jeweler / golfer who wanted to try something with his putter. He took the head off the shaft and individually drilled and installed settings then put cubic zirconia stones in the settings. Pretty classy work ! He told us that doing it with real diamonds would run about $15,000.



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He's counting on it ! This is going to be a display in his store. He just didn't want to commit all those diamonds to a putter - you'd have to find someone who wanted the diamonds AND that putter. He wants someone to bring in their own putter so they know they'll like it.

We sold a set of Honma clubs for $60k, so the market is out there.


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I think it’s almost so OTT - it’s rather cool ! I’d rock it.

I’m saying that the anal me would be most concerned about effecting swing-weight.....

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PUTTERS!? We no need no,,, wait,,, si , we do !!
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That is severe patience and skill to do that, not for me,,,,,,,