Putt it Forward!

Rob McHugh

Try to be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are
This is a wonderful gesture and I love to see people getting involved.

I can't 'throw my hat in' unfortunately, as my 15 year old niece has TS which renders her completely unable to communicate, feed herself or even go to the toilet and I hope you guys appreciate that clearly all my efforts go to the Tuberous Sclerosis Association here, which is scandalously underfunded by the government and of which my Sister in Law is president.
Here are a couple of pics of our pride and joy; as long as she has something to look at while something else is blaring in her ear at the same time she is a happy camper! (She loves anything tactile, look close at the third photo and you will see I got a big bubble machine for her - the picture was taken about 2 seconds before the machine was trashed when she grabbed it it, trying to get to the very source of the bubbles ha ha!) :)


Well i've been on vacation for a while and still no one wanted the putter so i'm pulling that off and will start posting other items until someone wants something I post....all the rules are above.....This time we will try a brand new blue lamkin pistol putter grip...these are awesome quality and you don't see them around a whole lot....free to anyone who wants it, they just have to commit to posting an item to "pass forward" to someone else


Eyeline Ball of Steel Putting Training Aid.....these are really great training aids for those who stop their stroke at impact or struggle with short putts, they weigh approximately 5 times heavier than a golf ball and are the same size and you have to really be aggressive through the stroke to get them to go anywhere....I have this now posted or also the lamkin putter grip above is still an option as my part of the Putt it Forward.....thanks