Post while my batteries recharge on an island.


The little guy just working harder, ;-)
My wife's mother passed away, last year and to fulfill one of her wishes, we are on Kauai this week, leaving some of her ashes where she loved to visit. While I am here, I am doing my best to relax and recharge my batteries a bit. If you have visited my shop, you know how small that building is. I tend to get a bit stir crazy and this is the first vacation that is more than a long weekend, that I have taken in over fifteen years. I've been soaking in the culture, the sea air and all that the island has to offer in creative ideas. My fingers are crossed that the trip will have that AHA! moment and when I get home to PHX, the mill will spit out something that takes your breath away.
The house is quiet, right now and I wanted to sneak in and share a picture or two that had not yet been seen here on PutterTalk.
I hope that one of these pictures strikes a chord with you and that you see my true passion and love the craft that is putter making.
Have the most amazing day that God has put in front of you and look for some very cool things when I am back at it.
LaMont in AZ


Rob McHugh

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Hey LaMont, I swear to you - I am doing the same thing here today in the mountains outside of Sydney. I lost my Mum a couple of years ago and today I am scattering some her ashes around the beautiful 17th hole here. 😃

Thank you for sharing some of your creative genius here - look fwd to what the mill spits out! 👍



The little guy just working harder, ;-)
Thanks a ton. I hope that when you remember your Mum, you do so with a huge smile in that part of your heart that she still resides in. My mother in law was a huge fan of what I do and also a huge piece of my support team, when things did not go entirely as planned.
Our daily successes are the best tribute we can give.
Be well, smile often and I hope that I can create something that all will be excited to see.
LaMont in AZ


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Glad to hear you are getting a well deserved break LaMont, whilst paying respects to a loved one at the same time. Look forward to seeing what you come up with on your return to the shop.

The MA66 you posted above is a cracker - Bob White is a lucky Guy!

All the best