Ping BeCu finish


Not 100% sure what your asking but if you want it to look similar to new again without the tarnish I have used "bar keepers friend". You will find in most grocery stores near the Ajax or cleaning stuff. Can also try some 400 wet dry sandpaper.

If you are looking for a refinish shoot me a pm.


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Do you own this Anser 2 Mark? Looks new in the pics? No stickers though,
Just my penny's worth here, everyone to their own of course,
I feel that if they are in a new condition, they must have been locked in a cupboard somewhere out of any light,
These a-la natural putters BeCu/Mang Brz (no finish, plating etc), start to patina relatively quickly, when in use, as the stickers on a new Ping putter's grip from that era, will attest to,
I personally like the chocolatey, rich patina on a Ping BeCu putter, no glare issues either, if gaming one. Gives them character as well I reckon,
But, as I did say earlier, what ever way you like your putters, so be it.
Just remember though, if you are taking any area off a natural putter, then this is weight being lost as well, and if gaming these, they will start to darken again reasonably quickly if you play them a bit, cheers Steve.

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Morning Steve I prefere them dark aswel but one of my putters has a few light dink’s in it and would like to get them out by maybe sand blast or tumbling. We will see I may just leave it, like u say it adds character.


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You just missed me with your reply Mate, I had just trundled off to Noddyland,
The darker the BeCu's get, the harder it is to see any bag chatter, or other imperfections, you look for them as you know they are there, others don't see them at all,
Sure, they look great when all shiny and new, but can be a bit glary at address in the right conditions (which I found was always on a putt that had to be sunk of course),
I have in the past, accelerated the patinaing process by leaving a putter outside in the sun, rotating it through the day, you can dip it in water as well now and then, to make things happen quicker,
But if you want it newish, then so be it,
You could always pick up another one in pristine condition for the collection, and game the one you currently have maybe.


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The easiest way to do it locally is to find a local gunsmith that reloads brass. They will have a media tumbler. Bring them the heads and let them tumble for 24-48 hours. The different medias will produce different sized tumble patterns. If they have a medium sized ceramic tumbling media, that will work best. It will also remove small scratches and nicks, but not big ones.

They will also start to tarnish naturally with age again.


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I can do it on certain models. Anser 4, Zing 2, Eye 2 etc.

I’ve done hundreds of sets of BeCu iron sets but putters are different due to the ball bearing thing.

Flare tip models are epoxied. Everything else has that ball bearing

I’m here at your service.