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Hi all

New forum member here , just wondered if anyone could help with the age/era of this anser I just picked up on a carboot , used to love my old anser and couldn’t resist it when I saw it looking all sad and filthy in an old dusty golf bag with a load of old crap clubs.
I was trying not to look too keen when I asked “How much mate ?” and he replied “Oh just give us 2 quid mate”😮😮
I snatched his hand off , it’s got the original “pro only” grip on it but it’s well past being usable.
Anyway , new Ping grip and it’s going in the bag.
Any help appreciated , thanks in advance. 👍




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Great pick up Indi,
It looks in nice condition as well,
With the 85020 zipcode, a previous post here, and the Detetco booklet, has it at between 1968-1973,
Cut (or lengthen it), to your desired length and put a new Ping PP58 grip on it,
This model was a favourite of Freddy Couples in his early heyday apparently, enjoy.


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Thanks very much for the info Frankenscotty , it’s very much appreciated , I just started getting confused when I started looking for myself. 🙄
Getting it shortened an inch and the ping grip you mentioned fitted today , my pro had them in his shop fortunately.
Been on the putting green with it earlier and I love the feel and weight of it already.
Can’t wait to have a game with it later today.

Retronebulato , yep definitely the same one , mine is in good condition after an extensive cleaning (cos it really was filthy) but I think the flash makes it look a little better than it is. ( I didn’t polish btw just cleaned)

I like the fact it’s from around my birth year too (1970)

Well happy 😃
Thx again 👍👍


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If you need a sightline on it, get it done professionally (or preferably back at PING), send them an email and enquire,
Most people that have added one, seem to put it in the wrong place.
Just a suggestion, leave the Anser as is, and pick up an Anser 3. Same head material, with a factory cavity sightline.
Internet pics attached, one of a blinged up version (very glary in full sun), can't find a decent address shot though.



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Had a rummage around and found these,
Firstly an Anser and Anser 3 together (Anser 3 doesn't have a soundslot/floating face), to show how similar they are,
Then the Anser 3, followed by an Anser that has had a topline alignment aid put on it by someone,
Hope this helps in your decision making, cheers.