Over the post putter shaft in black...where to get? .410 Outside Diameter


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Hi All,

I have a Bettinardi BB34 w/ an over the post shaft in black. Shaft is OK, but too short and I'd like a new one instead of going the extension route. The O.D. of the current shaft is .410, and made by True Temper.

I've found several made by apollo shafts, but they're all .370 O.D.

Any suggestions on where to get another one of these? Thanks so much, DB


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I know Scott Readman over here in the UK has a guy who is Cerakote-ing (sp?) shafts for him in Black. I have one on order for my new blade which I think is a 0.410".

Sure there must be someone who can do the same in the US.

Although I think thee was a similar post on here a while back - you'd be pretty safe going with an extension up to 2" on a putter, you'll never feel the difference.


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If it is the #9-style, I believe it needs a flare tip shaft. The shaft that you want, in chrome is here:
That one should do the trick for the flare tip need. I am just going from pix on a Google search for BB34. As for the black version, that's a big question mark. You'll probably have to find someone who has had a few of them black coated.
Best of luck.
LaMont in AZ