Old Ping Kushin reads "Ping Golf Clubs by Karsten"


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So, I was going through the closet and came across an old Ping Kushin putter. Upon looking at the threads on here, it seems it could be rare, but there isn't any definitive answers on that. As you can see it reads "Ping Golf Clubs by Karsten" this putter also has a number on the sole towards the toe. Any information would be great! Also what is the best route to sell a putter like this?



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G'day JB,
Yes, it looks like a By Karsten Scottsdale Kushin, do you have anymore pics of the face, sole, shaftband and grip?
She looks a little battle weary, and the ding at the base of the shaft is a big detractor also,
To be a collectors putter, they have to be in pretty good condition,
If you play golf, try taking her out on course, they are good putters to use, cheers Steve.