Need any information on a putter!


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I found this at a local shop yesterday. It appears to be stainless. It rolls the ball beautifully. I have no idea what it is beside heritage USA.

It has a TP Mills look to it but doesn't have much of anything in terms of stamping.

Any knowledge would be appreciated20191012_131432_HDR.jpg20191012_131351.jpg20191012_131334_HDR.jpg20191012_131321_HDR.jpg


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Heritage was owned by Nick Reinke. He made Quality milled putters. I used to have a carbon proto 352g with an almost chocolate/oil can finish to it. for the life of me, I can't remember the model. Unfortunately it was stolen at a company golf outing. One piece milling construction and very solid!! I heard that he just couldn't compete with the giants in the business. I also heard that he had some legal issues with some stamping??? Not sure on that one, but I know someone on here can shed some light on that. Enjoy your new stick!!