Maxfli golf ball-Matte finish


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Anyone else playing the Maxfli Tour/Tour X ball? I wasn't sure about the matte finish at first, but I love it now. I think the ball is a pretty good performer as well.


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I haven't played those but heard they're good, just not available in Canada being a Dick's brand.

But I have played other matte balls and while I like them when new I find matte balls stain easy and it doesn't really come out/off easy.


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I liked them till I did this to one of them after using it for a few rounds. Started going very short on a few holes and checked the ball on a green. Not sure if I would ever use them again except in the winter.

Is that exactly why you shouldn’t use them in the winter ?

Back when I was a kid: Solid 1 piece / 2 piece balls like some Topflights, Dunlop 65i’s, Spalding Molitors (How hard were they !!!???), Slazenger XD’s etc were all likely to crack into two halves on you. Infact finding half a ball lying around the course was a common thing.

But especially here in the U.K.: you were at least twice as likely to split one in two playing in the cold of Winter.....


The compression is really low so I would use them only in the winter. We play when it’s 5 degrees when when we can find a course to play. I usually use the lowest compression ball I can find.



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You can still find Wilson 'Zips' ( zero compression) and pick them up really cheap...
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