Matt Kutcher standard model, not arm lock

Does anyone have any feedback on this putter? Not the armlock but the standard version? Im looking at picking one up with stability shaft. I live the is a little wider then what I'm used to, but i think it will work. Any thoughts or feed back is appropriated
Well i should have this putter in my hands sometime next i will give my own thoughts on it then.....i would like to thank everyone that thank you Kloeshuman! Your thoughts and insight has helped so guess it needs to be a high end putter or its not worth anyones time? Oh well.....i tried


If my GIR was higher, my scores would be lower.
I would like to say on my behalf, that I have never rolled one of these so there was no feedback to be given, no insights to pass along, but be sure that there was no effort to ignore you or inquiry... and I'd be willing to guess that others 'non-responded' for the same reason. Hope you like it! I was not even aware that there was a Bettinardi Kuchar model that was not an armlock setup...
Jimbo :cool:
Got the putter today...i have to impressed...have not had a chance to take to the coarse yet....but seems like a keeper!. Even has the stability shaft😀