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Tuesday. I haven’t paid for them yet as I am in the middle of moving and have to call them concerning the address change. They are swamped today as you can imagine. Literally praying it doesn’t fall through. Ha.


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I will be there on Tuesday. Received my email notification my application was accepted for Tuesday. I have purchased my tickets, made hotel reservations in Augusta for the 6th-8th and booked my flight (as well as a my best friend's). One of the good things about traveling for a living is that the airline tickets and hotel rooms (2 for 2 nights) are booked on points. We're looking to play somewhere between Atlanta and Augusta on Monday the 6th but don't want to pay a Kidney. It is like Christmas in July. Of course this is the first time I have been selected since the lottery started. I have entered every year and finally made it through this year.

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PUTTERS!? We no need no,,, wait,,, si , we do !!
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And the streak continues 0-10 ,,,,,,,,,,,,


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We Regret...

Your application was not selected for 2020 Masters tickets.
Thank you for your interest in the Masters Tournament.

P.S. LOSER!!!!