Looking for Restoration Help


I have a few putters I would like milled and cleaned up. Anyone know of anyone who does good work that won't break the bank. Hopefully someone in here will want the job : ) as I would prefer to keep it within the puttertalk family.

Thanks in advance


By "milled" you mean you want the putter face milling changed to a different design ?
Mostly , putter "restorations" include removing old finish and dings/scuffs on the head, followed by applying a new finish.


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I have a similar question as "one putt".... Lots of places do just refinishing, from the basic/mundane to the elaborate/esoteric. Plenty of options there. If you want a face re-milling, additional stampings, etc., etc., then the options shrink.

FWIW, I have used BOSGolf for years on refinishing (and have been very happy with their work), but a couple months ago asked them to also do a re-milling on a putter of mine. They did a very good job on my request for a light, fly-cut face milling. I was very impressed and happy with the work. They even went beyond their "standard" offering to do the fly-cut. Again, FWIW........

Good luck with your project