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Rob McHugh

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FrankenScotty said:
Some great sticks there Rob,

How many Lajosi's all up?

I see that you have shrink wrapped the Ostrich grip on the Damascus #3? Got her listed in your home and contents Policy Mate? :)
Yeah, that ones a mint keeper mate.

Home and contents would mean real prices on paper :eek:

My greatest fear in life is that I die and the Missus sells all my putters for what I told her I paid for them ha ha ha!! ;D



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This is, a Just fear Rob,

I have weathered that storm, the one about prices,

Mrs Frankenscotty wants me to write down what each individual putter would bring on ebay, for catalogue purposes, when I head off to Valhalla,

Probably need a full ream of office paper!!

I wasn't in the good books though, when I replied with "who told you that I was leaving them to you!!"


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Here is my pride and joy. A few years ago, Kari starting actually forging and manufacturing his own Damascus Steel. (There is a thread on here called 'Damascus down under'.) This is one of the original batch; I believe Kari's dad got number 1, Kari kept number 2 and this is number 3 - a DD201 welded neck with an Ostrich Leg grip and matching Damascus shaftband. I love everything about this putter, especially the provenance. :)

I had number #4 at one point, was super cool! I wonder how many he's made now....


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Just received a new DD201 which I ordered through Kari's new custom design website. She looks good, but will be nicer once the patina kicks in a bit and takes a bit of the shine off.