Just picked this up Lamont...


If my GIR was higher, my scores would be lower.
... and I wonder if you know/remember the back story on it. It is my preferred head, shaft style, etc... but the unique shaft in particular is of interest to me. You don't just see a putter shafted up with something this interesting very often and I wish it was not a nicked up (the shaft) as it is... gonna give it some game time for sure.


sorry about the long link, but the Ebay auction button doesn't seem to be working for me...

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If my GIR was higher, my scores would be lower.
fharbist said:
I could see that one with the current shaft pulled out and a nice long flow neck installed...
I am not looking to make it pretty as new, so the shaft may remain at least long enough to give it some runs at the hole... it may not look as bad standing over the ball as it may appear, and if that is the case I'll leave it as a conversation starter... just curious if it left the Mann Cave with this shaft and the story behind it.

I actually see it as pretty in a 'Christmas Story' major prize winner, leg in fishnets lamp sort of way so...

The head is clean enough that if I wanted to make it like new again it wouldn't take too much... thanks for the comments guys. I've been pretty disappointed in the overall activity here for a bit and it is good to see somebody is still coming by.

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If my GIR was higher, my scores would be lower.
Got here today and it is much prettier than the pictures... they were brightly lit to show everything, but the shaft reminds me of an old 'Columbia Yellow Dot' urethane bowling ball, sometimes referred to as the bleeder ball that as it aged the maroon color of the ball darkened to a near black. If you were a bowler, you'll know what I mean,

Anyway, this shaft looks almost black and the only real flaw is the skinned up knee on the front /first bend that is almost impossible to see at address because it is as dark as the rest of the shaft. The head is simply carbon steel with nothing more than MANN MADE on the sole. Simple. Just the way I like 'em.

It has a darker grey color that is very nicely kept, some tiny nicks (2 of any note) that are nothing more than a testament to use, and a nice wipe down with a little ultra light olive oil makes this head look nearly new. This putter feels great and my guess is that it is 350-360g in weight.

I have to admit that I feel a little guilty about stealing it at $175 shipped. Now I just need the right head cover for it... something in mostly red, black and white to go with the grip.

My only fear is that Lamont will see it and tell me it was one of the heads stolen out of the back seat of his old car a number of years ago... it came out of Illinois, so probably not. Hope that he can chime in with some background on the shaft, etc.

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The little guy just working harder, ;-)
I have some cool news, though it may not be as cool as you had hoped.
You have the piece of putting machinery that makes it official, I AM A SOMEBODY!!!! The saying, "You're nobody until somebody counterfeits a piece with your name on it", fits here. I have never seen that head and just sent a note to the seller on eBay with that information and requested any info he has on where it came from. MAJOR BUMMER, but cool at the same time. Nobody else will ever have the first counterfeit MANN•MADE putter, unless you sell yours.
The shaft looks like it might be one of the double-bend graphite models that Fenwick made for Bobby Grace, many years ago. I cannot be certain of that part, though.
For a long time, the ONLY putters that were stamped MANN•MADE were my handmades. When I had the MA/66 models made, it was requested and I caved in. Since then, most of my models can be stamped MANN•MADE if so desired. It is shorter for me to stamp and it much easier to center on flat areas with a set width.
IMHO, it has a cool factor all its own.
I'll do some thinking and if I hear back from BillyBaroo on eBay, I'll share any info.
Thanks for the heads-up!
LaMont in AZ


Wow. Please update the post if the seller provides any information. This is turning into a mystery thriller...


If my GIR was higher, my scores would be lower.
Very cool... sort of.

I have several of your putters and I couldn't place the head, it seemed to be a blend of the Rattler and the MA/66... any chance that your brother was involved in it, and that is why you don't recognize it? Morgan has only touched one of my MKCG putters, the one that he converted the neck of a Tad Moore PN into a hand bent cure years ago. I'm not kidding either about the shaft being really pretty cool... I wish I could just run over to your shop tomorrow and let you see it!

I'm also not kidding when I say it has a nice feel to it. I'm tempted to ship it to you so you can look at it up close and personal like, perhaps it'll help you recognize someone else' work. Anyway, thanks for getting back to me about it, and... congratulations! You really are someone now! LOL!

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