I'm so pissed off right now...

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So I was all set to fly to HB and spend a few days with Byron at his shop. Working on putters and putting some great content together for the site. Stuff you'd all love to see.

As I'm grabbing my keys to go to the airport, I get a ping from the airline aht the flight is delayed an hour. No big deal. With how much I travel, this is to be expected from time to time. Then an hour passed, and I'm getting ready to leave again, and I get another ping that my flight has been canceled, and they re-booked me on a flight that takes off in 20min. I'm 45min from the airport, and that's not even taking security into the equation!

So I call the help desk to see what my options are. The only other flight I can take is the next morning at 10:30a, connecting in ATL and getting into Orangs County at 6:45PM on Tuesday. Well after business hours, and I've got to be back in Cleveland Wednesday night. So there was no way I can make the trip work. Byron and I have been planning this for a long time, and this was the last day that he could have made it work for another month.

As I said in the title....I'm so pissed off right now.


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I am sorry that your plans got messed up due to an insensitive airline and their "customer service"... step back, deep breath, and figure that this time now has some new purpose! Now, wipe those tears and go play! o_O
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If you fly alot - i'm sure we'll both agree that this stuff is waaaaaaaaaaay too common.

As someone who Travels the Globe a fair bit for pleasure; i can't emphasise my thoughts enough - in that whoever, whatever, whenever you fly and whatever class that is, you're literally not assured of getting to the right place at the right time until your feet are on the ground at your destination.

The number of flights i've had booked in the last few years that have been cancelled, changed times slightly, overbooked, made a stop that wasn't previously planned etc etc is way over 50%. Most carriers literally seem incapable, unable or unwilling to deliver what you originally booked and paid for !

****Gutted for you. The wait will make the trip when it happens; even sweeter i'm sure........ ;)


I used to fly quite often in the 80's and 90's and it was pretty rare that my flight plans got changed. Today my wife flies for business about every other month and I can't remember the last time her flight WASN'T changed in some way, either delayed cancelled, or whatever. Her luggage seems to get lost about every 3rd trip or so too - especially if she has to change planes.
The airlines aren't what they used to be, and their customer service sucks big time.
Hope you get to head out to California soon. Would be awesome to spend some time with Byron and watch the man in action.

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Feel for you Doug!!
Agree with TMAC; I’ve done a fair bit of traveling and it was never this bad 10 - 20 years ago.
The airlines don’t even care these days, poor service is so common, you are just expected to suck it up. 😡


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Never had a flight that bad, had an interesting one.

AA announced a 10 hr delay at Denver on my way to DC with a coworker, went to lounge, order drinks, waitress asked what was going on , told her,,,,, free drinks,
Got into DC Dulles late, 1AM local, had to take hotel shuttle to hotel, car rental closed, at hotel told worker, got room upgraded.
Next day hotel shuttle to rental car place, told attendant of flight from "hell", you guessed it, free upgrade.
Way back home, free upgrade to business due to 10 hr delay, my coworker same, he had 5K we are sorry miles in account, think I got the rookie, 50K into my account.

Another flight, California to DC,screaming toddler from Ontario to Denver, couple arguing from Ontario to DC,,.


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Strangest thing for me was a delayed Delta flight out of Asheville to connect to a Delta flight out of Atlanta. Late enough to Atlanta that I sat and watched my flight out of Atlanta sit there for 45 minutes AFTER the door was closed (wouldn't let me on because I was late from the previous delayed Delta, and then after an 8 hour wait in the airport finally got on a one hour late flight to Rochester, NY and we waited an extra 30 minutes to load some luggage in addition to ours from a previous flight.

Arrived in Rochester and found out that my luggage and the luggage of others never made the flight that was delayed in order to take on additional luggage... but not ours. Was going to a wedding and got there, hit a couple of thrift stores, found a nice Brooks Brothers Italian silk jacket, some nice chino's, a Jerry Garcia tie, borrowed a belt and found a nice pair of shoes on sale. All in all it was a miracle of some kind. They brought out my bags the day after I had flown back to NC and eventually got them via UPS... I will NEVER ever fly Delta again.
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I was just on a flight last week when the pilot announces on the speaker, “sorry about not having wifi working. As you know we’re down a few 737s and don’t have time to work on the others that are flying.”

Uuuuuhhh, please don’t tell me United Airlines isn’t working on their maintenance because they want to keep what they have in the air. Yikes.