Hello! PT noobie here

T. J.

PUTTERS!? We no need no,,, wait,,, si , we do !!
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Speaking of which, makes me want to check in and see what's on the up and up since I've ordered it! Hahaha
Welcome to PT !

Let me give you the same advice that was given to me after ordering my first custom Byron ,,, start saving for your next one while he works on this this one,,,, yes, I order another one,,,,, and another,,,,, and another,,,,


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*insert a Friends gif here* Oh. My. God. Chandler Bing??? Is BASICALLY how I felt when I saw my shipment from Byron yesterday.

I was WAY too excited to post here and I really really wanted to go putt on the green, so I went and putted for 2 hours yesternight at the local gc.


First impression - clean lines and stamping was JUST as I'd imagined they'd be. Paint fill is definitely not the requested tiffany blue, more or less a mint green colorway which was not what I expected BUT it doesn't look too shabby either. Finish looks good at address!

Ofc I had to do my cheeky little "Tour Issue" stamping for my very first custom putter hahaha 🙌

Hands down THE best feeling flatstick I've ever putted with. It feels like I'm cutting butter when I strike it right in that sweet spot. I've got the distance control down to a friggin T! Is this what love feels like?

A huge shoutout to Byron!