Hello! PT noobie here


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Hi all,

Found a great deal of useful information here at PT and finally decided to join in on the fun!

Have been gaming OTR Odyssey #9s, SC Newport 1.5, Bettinardi BB8, and an Exotics DG v3.2 putter...

I've been itching to get myself a custom flat stick and after months of reading up here, am still torn between Byron Morgan and TP Mills... Any advice?

Thanks and super excited to be here!



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Welcome. You can't go wrong with quality in either area... curious how you like the David Gload Exotics putter... I game their irons and woods.


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Hey Jim,

I recently found out about Byron's work and fell in love immediately with the DH 89 putter... Turn around time doesn't seem to be too long either and the price is on point with my budget!

TP's work was my first glance at a real custom putter and I've been meaning to order myself an artwork from David since 2008... The thing that's keeping me undecided though is the fact that it seems like they aren't taking any orders as of now... Have tried reaching out thrice to no avail.

With regards to the Tour Edge Exotics brand, I actually picked up a CB3 5-wood and fell in love with the consistency of it all. Paired it right then and there with a spare GD Tour YS-Q shaft and it has been a gamer ever since! That led me to give the David Glod putter a try and it is IMHO one of the best off-the-rack putters I've dealt with. The carbon steel feels slightly soft, yet I am left with a very solid roll and have never had any issues with distance control. Definitely worth a try!


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It's a 71* loft 3* lie, 350g 303SS, 34 inches with robin's egg blue fill & tour satin finish! Laid my eyes on some B&CO. putter designs and I must say, I was instantly hooked.

I've always wanted a light pink filled putter but lately I've been drawn to the soft blue hue haha... Might get around to paint filling my Odyssey #9 in a pastel pink soon :D

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DH89 you say?

As the old knight said in the third movie: "you have chosen wisely".

Welcome aboard, look forward to some in hand pics when that Byron beauty lands! :)



The cycle time on Byron's putters varies depending on the required options finish, neck, etc.. I have about 35 of them and depending on how complex my options have been and how busy he is they can sometimes take a little longer. The thing is that every putter since my first order has been customized to what I wanted so waiting a little was no problem.



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Definitely don't have an issue with waiting for my first-ever, customized-for-me flatstick. I've been looking forward to this experience for almost a decade, so 4-5 weeks can't be THAT agonizing lolol


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Wise choice on the Byron! Don't get your heart so set on the 4-5 weeks delivery that it ruins the experience of getting the putter. He's a one man operation, and there is only one man there. Fortunately he is really good at what he does, at least the important stuff to us.

Byron used to have a Egg Shell headcover that might do nice with your paintfill, might have to look on EBay though. Lamont at Manncrafted has some Sugar Skull headcovers that might be pretty cool also.

I have about 14 of his putters and every one of them feel great to use.

Glad you decided to check this site out. It's the best!

Make sure you look up Bruce's "Bargolf" section . More useful instructional info than you will ever be able to use. But it's fun trying.



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Hey Dan!

Thanks a lot for the resourceful info! Will make sure to dip into the suggestions. Definitely have blocked the the wait time out of my mind as I'm more or less looking forward to the craftmanship of the individual putter haha.

Actually wish his headcovers were more varied / widely available! Really liked some of them but could not for the life of me find any at a reasonable price...

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Your putter will be worth the wait and the finish and paint fill will really pop!
Best way when waiting for a custom job is to put it out of your head and then jump up and down like a madman when the box shows up! 😂



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Speaking of which, makes me want to check in and see what's on the up and up since I've ordered it! Hahaha