First time out with my bullseye

So last week i got to take out my bullseye putter for the first time....i actually did pretty good with her. Made a few long putts with her and it felt pretty good. I found it first i was putting the cover back on after each hole.....this thing is tarnished and has some caricature..not sure what i was worried about???? Old habits i guess



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The biggest issue with a Bullseye putter is a very small sweetspot. This putter will expose flaws pretty quickly. On the flip side, if you can putt with a Bullseye then you can put with pretty much anything.

With regard to a cover, why not. While your Bullseye has character there's no sense in adding chatter marks. Your putter is a beaut!!!
Thanks! I do really like her, im going to keep her in the bag for a while and see how it goes. And you're right about the cover...why add more dings and dents? I like how its starting to tarnish and the green spots on the bottom. My buddy was giving me crap until i dropped a few long ones and burned a lot of edges, then he kept quiet.