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The two putters pictured in these previous two posts, won't be found in Lump's book,
As they are both newer Phoenix versions of the Anser, probably made somewhere in the mid to late '70's, where as the Ansers in Lump's book, are predominantly the original runs that were made in Scottsdale, in the later '60's, before the move to Phoenix,
All of the Phoenix versioned Anser's in Lump's book, except the KBI & Cabot versions, were made with the Scottsdale molds, before the newer molds were introduced for the modified, newer Anser shape's introduction, with the more squared bumpers etc,
I think Lump said in the past that the KBI and Cabot putters were the first run of the new shape, being done in 1974, this is from memory though, cheers.