End of season putters for sale - Byron DH89 and SSB Masonboro


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Hi folks. Here’s a couple blades for sale after going through everything at summer’s end. Contact me if interested:

Byron Morgan DH89:
  • Stainless steel, matte blue oil finish
  • 360g, standard loft/lie. 34 inches long
  • 3-inch pipe neck at 1/4 shaft offset And 5 o’clock toe hang
  • Hand milled face
  • $485 shipped USA
I think I posted on this when originally received. Byron built it for me about 6-8 months ago and it’s essentially new. I just picked up a third DH89 and need to go down one...

SSB/MannKrafted Masonboro:

This is one of the “barn find” SSB heads that Lamont posted on several months ago. He finished the putters with some MannKrafted touches and I picked this one up.
  • Black-oxide on carbon steel
  • 350g headweight, standard loft/lie (from Lamont, but feels a tad flat)
  • Custom “ringer” flow neck hand-done by Lamont
  • Half-shaft offset, about 4:30 on the toe hang
  • $340 shipped USA
Both putters are 34 inches long with New Iomic midsize (75g) grips in black. Blank soles on both (no stamps).

Happy to take any questions. Thanks!!


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Headcover for the SSB?
Yes, of course. Apologies for the oversight. No SSB branded cover, but the Masonboro will come with a new MannKrafted magnetic cover (pictured below).

On the DH89, buyer to choose any one of the three covers in the second picture below. BTW, these are all spares and available for $45 individually. I may even have a few more Byron covers if these don’t appeal.....



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I'll take the 2 Byron covers that the buyer does not want. No hurry, I can wait til the putter sells if that will help your sale.



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Quick update: Dan picked up the Black and Gray Byron covers as mentioned above. The remaining yellow Byron Golf Design coat of arms cover will ship with the DH89. I also have a black "Big Wave" (or "Toes on the Nose") cover in velcro if that is preferred....


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MasonBoro/Mannkrafted is sold. DH89 still available. It's a pretty awesome Byron long neck, folks......