Collecting Classics: Lefty Justice

Aloha B.

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Really great article George and even better since I'm a lefty. This was also my first Scotty putter and I let it go several years ago.


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As a lefty it's both fun but a headache at times. The fun is finding real unique stuff at sometimes a great price. The headache portion comes from the hunting, options are often slim to none for used and new. Sometimes when there are options they go fast, they are marked up like crazy or just awful, awful condition.

Don't believe me on that? Go to eBay type in any major putter brand: Bettinardi, Scotty Cameron, Bobby Grace, etc, etc. You'll usually get a few hundred if not thousands of results. Click the LH option to narrow down the search and you'll be lucky to come across a dozen or so and then you may have to deal with the above I listed. But there are times where you find that gem at a great price which kinda makes up for the hours of sifting through the depths of eBay.

Sorry about the rant, just not many places i can on this topic. Anyways great article, now do I hunt down that Scotty despite me not being a Scotty fan? Maybe.