Brooks Koepka - the new Billy Casper?


Just wondering why there isn't more love for the dude.
Is he really that overshadowed by Tiger, Rory, and DJ?
Well, Tiger I can understand, but surely he deserves to be in the conversation more.

Hard to tell. Has everything going for him. Not the most charismatic dude on the planet.

But neither is DJ.... Rory seems a bit more laid back. Thomas seems like he's on ADD meds lol

I notice they toss Spieth in there as well as the second coming.... Who is a middle of the pack player when he can't putt.
And can't stop crying when a shot goes 4 inches off line.

Brooks...has a chip on his shoulder and is giving everyone in the media the finger... good on him.


Billy Casper played in the shadow of Nicklaus.For more than 20 years now every Tour pro has had to play in the shadow of Tiger. Considering the winning records of Nicklaus and Tiger, other players have not received the respect and admiration they deserve.
I think Koepka gets talked about as much as DJ, Spieth, Rory, Rose etc...


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I don’t know what you mean by “love.” You have to respect what the guy is doing. But I don’t find him particularly likable.

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Last round today, he was almost Casper - the ghost!
Glad he kept it together, good win.



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Was listening to the BBC Golf Podcast (The Cut - very good from a UK perspective IMO) this morning and they were discussing the same thing. One of the guys said he thought it might be because he plays a form of golf that 99.9% of the golfing population can't ever even imagine playing, and his personality does nothing to endere you to him, and I think hey might have a point. Rory is likable because he came to prominence as a young enthusiastic kid with amazing ability, Sergio was similar. Seve was swashbuckling as was Mr Palmer. Tom Watson is so polite, respects the history of the game and played shots (particularly in the Open Championship) we could associate with and try out ourselves.

I would love to be able to drive the ball like Brooks - but it isn't ever going to happen. 20 Years ago he would have been told he was too bulky and muscular for golf, but today with modern training techniques and better understanding of stretching and golf specific training he is a golfing machine. I admire the way he plays, it is quite frankly brilliant (apart from 5 holes yesterday afternoon), but I don't get inspired by him, and he certainly doesn't excite me. Give me a final day with Rahm, Matt Wallace, Tyrell Hatton, JT, Rory, Phill, Tiger and Bubba in contention any day over the boring 4 day one man show we've just witnessed.

An while I'm on the subject - does anyone feel the urge to go and play Bethpage Black after that? I certainly don't. Just don't feel it would be any fun at all...


An while I'm on the subject - does anyone feel the urge to go and play Bethpage Black after that? I certainly don't. Just don't feel it would be any fun at all...
I am up for playing any golf course, including Bethpage Black.
That said, I do not enjoy watching tournaments played there (or any metropolitan NYC course). Too many spectators acting the fool, disrespecting the game by yelling stupid stuff, trying to make themselves part of the action etc...


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I like Brooks, he's fun to watch, has the mental focus that some athletes need to have and work ethic others wish they had. He's young too at 29 and I think he'll rack up more wins and majors in time and could be one of the better if not best players over the next decade.

DJ I'm a fan of as well especially after he overcame his past demons, another fun player to watch, just seems like he's close but not close enough at recent majors. His time will come maybe see him win a major this year with how he's been playing.

Speith has the athletic ability as we've all seen but between the ears he seems easy to throw off and when he's off he'll be off for a long time.

Rory just seems like he's in cruise control at times, needs to step on the gas.


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I feel like his golfing personality is a cross between Bubba and DJ... like or hate the guy, he is a force to be reckoned with when he is on.
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