Brand New website - Up and running


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Just wanted let everyone know that my new website is up- There's a couple of things I need to fine tune, but it's functioning.
I have a launch special- with my originals putters- all the ones that are up have a premium cover, ball marker & divot tool included (Price includes shipping) -
If a PT member is interested and purchase's one- Send me a PM and I will include another surprise.



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Yep Kari, I noticed your new website last night,
It is well done mate, great stuff, makes ordering easy!! Cheers Steve.
PS. I did notice that there wasn't a "special's page", although, I suppose that they all are!


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Kari's Signature LP809 is the closest I have ever seen to Mr. Palmer's version of the Designed by Arnold Palmer. Underslung hosel to help move the weight toward the toe. Sweetspot in the center of the blade, Parallel flange to help alignment. Easily one of the most versatile designs ever. I own a prototype (avatar) and I own a 1960 Designed by Arnold Palmer. No comparison, Kari's is better. Way to go mate.

Rob McHugh

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The new site looks great Kari with some terrific steel on there.
I particularly liked your descriptions of each item, easy to understand and spot on.
Well done mate, congrats. 👍👍