Bettinardi 38 special original puttter grip

Chris bodemann

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My 38 special putter with original black pistol grip has small cracks from drying out even though the putter has never been used and does anyone have any suggestions ? either were to get a replacement grip exactly like this one was made by Danny Edwards - royal grips or how to restore original grips Thanks for anyones advice Chris
I'm not aware of any way to restore a grip. You'll probably have to search the internet and eBay for a new one. Is it the old pebble style Royal Grip? Those are hard to find now. Some old Scotty Camerons had those grips as well, and when they do pop up they are expensive.


At a minimum ask Bettinardi, they might have one or might not, but what can it hurt to ask. Take a pic of the current grip and send them a note and/or call.

Chris bodemann

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I spoke to powers that be at Bettinardi headquarters and they don't have that grip or they don't know where to find one as they are not made anymore

Mr. Doug

Here we go!
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Let me dig around a bit and see what I can come up with for you...I MAY have the grip you're looking for.