BB28 Raw


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I have/had four BB28's, I think I sold you one (wide body) but not the blade Proto style. How can I help?


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Yes, I have the sweet DASS BB28 wide body and it is awesone. I tend to prefer carbon steel and was wondering about the Raw's feel. Also, I'm curious how the finish looks in natural light . It's hard to tell from stock photos.


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I have two putters in a raw finish, one is a Mills and one a Mannkrafted. The Mills was stripped and Bead blasted, it looks like a tour blast bettinardi (light gray), the Mannkrafted was a AZ mocha finish but I stripped it and it is a beautiful dark gray raw now....i love it! They are both carbon and feel awesome!!


The BB28 is one of my favorite head styles. I owned 3 or 4 of the original RAW BB28s. I also had a DASS welded BB28 which I traded with the option to buy it back if ever sold. The buyer sold it w/o letting me know and I sure wish I had kept it now. The carbon is too soft for me.