Acushnet bulls eye

So i had to grab this was $9 and couldn't pass it up. My question is the sight appears to be cut not only appears it is. Was that something they did or was this what someone did at home? It seems to be the sweet spot...just un sure. It does have a fluted shaft also


I am really enjoying this style, it feels good ....maybe it takes me back to when i first started playing???? I dont sure its over looked by many


I've seen a few with the sight line cut like that.
The single cut ones all seem to be that deep too, so it is likely a manfacturers cut rather than a home made one.
Most home hobbyists wouldn't cut that deep to get a line on their putter (and most who do cut on their putters make a HORRENDOUS mess of it!)
I seen that the more i looked around, it was pretty clean to be a home job. The more i googeled i seen all the different ways they did the bulls eye. I think its a neat ole putter