Sunset Beach 4-5 Box•Find Masonboros and some thoughts


The little guy just working harder, ;-)
Lets hope we can work something out
A few pix of the one on my desk. Home with a sick wife, this morning and trying to get a few items pushed along. This is a good move to clear some of the random heads in my shop and here at home. If you guys have been to the MannKave, you know what I am talking about, LOL.
Let me know, Kloeshuman has first dibs on this black one, ;). Paint fill is not set in stone and could be changed, fairly easily.IMG_2289.JPGIMG_2289.JPGIMG_2291.JPG
LaMont in AZ



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If there are any of these left, you guys should scarf them up. Mine arrived the other day and I am incredibly impressed (RC - you were right!!). Props to Lamont for cold-bending this after the fact to get me the offset I needed. Great stick, great service!!

Mine was the “ringer” pipe neck. Pics below.


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I had this one on my phone.... It’s a close-up and slightly distorted (the toe is not wider than the heel), but should give you a sense of the look. When standing over a putt, the neck looks smooth so it’s not a distraction.