2009 Bettinardi PGA Show Gathering & Golf


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There were a lot of putters and other cool stuff at the Bettinardi gathering in Orlando during this years PGA Show. Below are some photos and information about some of the putters the Bettinardi group brought, displayed, and sold. They held some putters back and Nick and Jimmy will be (I think) making them available on their respective sites soon.

Many different variations of the putters. Some with brass plugs, some with copper plugs, some with DASS plugs and some with a combination of all of the above. Putters with finishes you would have thought were only seen on high dollar jewelry.

Cool belts, buckles, wallets, head covers, ball markers, etc. (more photos later)

We played golf on Thursday and Grand Cypress, The New Course. And on Friday Bob joined us and we played golf on the Grand Cypress East - North course. Then we had dinner at Nine/18 restaurant, it was great meeting bob and all the others that attended and played golf. (pictures below).

This thread will be locked until I get most of the photos loaded and then I will unlock it for comments and others to add their photos and stories.


Just to clarify some question I have been getting: these are NOT all my putters. I added 2 putters to my collection; a DASS 3/4 and one of the Oh Yeah putters. Both naked, both about 350, and both are Face Balanced to 1/4 toe hang. I may end up gaming one or both of the putters at some point.


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A bunch of different color knitted head covers, I bought the red ones.

Also a bunch of ball markers. They are about the size of a silver dollar and heavy. They were not for sale. Nick came around on Friday before golf and had a velvet bag that you reached in and pulled out a ball marker. I got the yellow Kool-Aid pictured below, the hex B is on the flip side. There were others with bees, etc.


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If that's on the "D" underlisting, I would like more information on availability.

The new finishes are excellent. I also was piqued by the BB2 with what looked like DASS inserts on a carbon body. Nice.

Addendum: Kudos to Bobby on the custom ferrules on the MP-60s, but I'm amazed to see a Scratch wedge in the bag instead of his own wedges.


what I would do to get my hands on one of those black 3/4 Tours... beautiful.

Thanks for the pictures!

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Great pictures and some really nice putters.
Is the kool aid head cover made with the neoprene back like the Volcano and Whale headcovers? If so, are all new Bettinardi covers going to have this.


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Kool-Aid head covers came with the Oh Yeah putters. They are the new style with the enclosed back. Once you use this design head covers you will never want to use the Velcro version again.


The B.E.M. In Gold Prism is................wow. Love it. Looks like a great time guys.


Thanks for the pics and updates... Love those headcovers, and the Oh Yeah putters are sweet! Wish I could have been there. Would love to have one of those kool aid ball markers! :thumb: