Collecting Classics: Lefty Justice

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No matter what you play, collect, or search for in the world of putters. Everyone loves to get the best bang for their buck.

Not every putter is a wall hanger or a piece of art. They ARE putters you know. They are meant to be played!

Some of the most intuitive, knowledgeable and BEST hunters of putters and clubs are a sub group rarely seen in the golf world. They are cunning, wise, and sneaky. Of course, I’m talking about the Lefties!

That’s what we will be discussing today.

I teased in the last article of a “Tour” putter you can usually get for a steal.  Amazingly enough, it’s been under the nose of most people for almost 20 years.

That putter is…drumroll please…

The left-handed Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Pro Platinum.

Tiger Woods territory? Almost…but not quite. More on that later. But before we talk about the lefty, we have to talk about the normal Pro Platinum Newport 2.

In the early 2000’s the Pro Platinum Line was the standard Cameron offering. A $200 carbon steel satin-nickel plated Newport 2 was common. (There was also a slant neck offering- but we are focusing on the plumbers neck.)

With the Tiger Woods BOOM of the early 2000’s, Titleist had to offer something similar. The market for the TeI3 Newport he’d used to win the 1997 Masters went berserk, and they needed to get something to market that was similar enough to what he was currently playing for the average golfer. (Even though we know Tiger’s isn’t remotely close to being an off the rack putter.)
Here’s where it gets interesting.

The right-handed model, was a good solid piece. The heel and toe design was pretty standard at the time. If you looked closely at the “Off The Rack” putter, the heel and toe bumpers were kind of concave. Again, most golfers would just see that it was similar enough to what Tiger was using, put it in their bag, and expect to start sinking 30’ snakes like nobody’s business.

Now, if you were lucky enough to get a “Circle T” (tour) Newport 2 In Right Hand, It had a VERY different shape. Less offset, much smoother design, and the bumpers weren’t concave. I have been lucky to play such a model for 18 years.

But wait just a second Titleist…there had to be a lefty putter too. They just had to ‘flip’ the same program as the right hand putter for lefties, right?


The left handed Pro Platinum head is IDENTICAL to the right handed “Circle T” model.

It’s carbon steel, satin-nickel plated…and it’s the EXACT same shape as the right-hand “Circle T” Newport 2. Normal golfers just saw the lefty next to the righty, and didn’t pay it any mind. But if you look closer, the differences really stand out.

The pics show how they are identical.

When was this discovered? Not a clue. Was I the first? Again, no clue. But when a friend of mine who is a lefty was looking for a Newport 2, I started digging. After finding him one, I was comparing it to my Circle T gamer. I was shocked…surprised…and literally laughed! This little secret has gotten by everyone for close to 2 decades. Could it be that when Cameron decided to make a left-handed Newport 2 PP, they used the “Tour” CNC program by accident? The world may never know.

So, lefties, get out there and grab one if you can find them. Some in nice shape bring a nice price. But, they refinish beautifully in Triple Black Oxide if they are a bit beat down. You will love it.

Now you know!

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