When I first met Bob Bettinardi a few years back, it struck me as odd that a company like Mizuno that was so ingrained in Japanese culture would be using a company in Tinley Park, IL to make their putters. Then, I got a tour of his facilities and saw the lengths he goes to in the name of quality. When we talked last summer and he told me that he wouldn’t be renewing his Mizuno contract, I was 1/4 shocked, and 3/4 excited. I’ve spent a lot of time with Bob and Keith over the last few years, so I knew what they would be able to do if flying their own flag. When my review samples showed up in December, the contents were as impressive as expected.

The Bettinardi Studio Stock series has 7 putters. 1, 1F, 2, 2F, 3, 3C, and 4. The “F” designates a soft ‘flowing’ neck, and the “C” designates center-shafted models. Plans to expand the line to more tastes are already in the works. The Studio Stock putters return back to something that has been missing in high-end putters for a while. A mass-produced soft carbon-steel putter with a glossy Black Oxide finish. The “Triple Coating” that Bettinardi Golf has used for this putter is more durable than the BO finishes we’ve seen in the past, though it still requires diligent maintenance to avoid tarnishing.

The feel and responsiveness of the Studio Stock series is exactly what you’d expect. The ball comes off the face crisply, and the clean lines of the putter offer an undistracted look at the ball when the putter is at address. The Bettinardi crew spent a lot of time making sure not to tamper with the tried and true designs they’ve had such great success with in the past.

Each putter also comes with the new Patent Pending Bettinardi headcover design. This velcro-less version of a classic putter headcover is completely silent when removing it green-side. Your partners will appreciate it. They are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. If you are in to “High-End” putters, you know the drill with these.

True Temper shafts and Lamkin grips round out the standard offering, but as with any Bettinardi putter in the past, if you get yours at their Putter Studio in Tinley Park, they’ll fit it up with any combination you want. But wait right there Cowboy…this is the new Bettinardi Golf. Remember? They’re doing the same customization from the website now. Pick your Loft, Lie, Length, Dexterity, Grip, and Headcover. All from the comfort of your nearest keyboard. Your putter arrives a week or so later just the way you ordered it. How’s that for service?

The Bettinardi Studio Stock series of putters is the the combination of years of experience milling some of the finest putters in the USA, modern interpretations of classic designs, and a big-ole helping of “awesome.” For $365.00 you get a putter exactly how you want it AND good enough for Bob Bettinardi to put his name on. That’s a tough combo to beat.

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