Titleist Pro V1 Review

The average (15+ handicap) golfer aspires to be able to make it through a round without loosing a single ball. When I was a 25 handicap, I had one round where I hosed 12+ balls into rattlesnake-infested OB. I mention this, because I was smart enough to be playing Noodles that day,if I’d been playing Pro-V1s, I’d have had a MUCH worse round. At $58 a dozen, this isn’t a ball for those of us that loose more than we keep in a round.

The Pro V1, and it’s lower spin/less dimple brother, the Pro V1x are known the world over as the “Best” ball you can buy. Sometimes the world is right. According to Titleist, “The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball provides improved launch conditions for longer distance while maintaining superior Drop-and-Stop performance into and around the green.” But what about ON the green? That’s where we come in!

Pro V1

Pro V1x

The 3 and 4 piece constructions are pretty cool when you cut them open to look. I had NO idea that the cover was that thin, but after I halved one of each, I found the info readily available on Titleist’s web site. Who knew! What I thought was interesting was the difference in materials, how different they look on the inside, and how they feel nearly identical on the putter. The Pro V1x has a slightly higher ‘click’ than it’s brother, but with earmuffs on, they felt identical. (Yes, I actually tried it with earmuffs.)

The Urethane Elastomer cover is soft, and gives you very nice feedback whether it is a 3, or 30 foot putt. The putter seems to react quite nicely to this ball. We tested this ball with carbon steel, and stainless steel putters and both felt equally nice. I’m fairly certain that Titleist plans on releasing a newer “seamless” version of this ball in the very near future. I’ve seen pros that are testing this ball now, and think that it can only mean great things for an already fantastic ball.

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The Pro V1′s virtues off the green have been discussed to extremes. There isn’t anything left to say in that department. I’m saying here and now that this is one of the nicest putting balls on the market. The sonic feedback is fantastic, and the feel on the putter is superb. The price tag is the only issue for a lot of golfers. Is it worth it for the high handicapper? No. Go spend $15 on a dozen balls at your local golf store, and save the remainder for lessons. When you get to the point where you can play a round without loosing more than 2 balls, go get a set of $20 bills out of your wallet and pick up a dozen Pro V1s. You’ll immediately see what all the fuss is about.

Size: 1.680″ (42.69mm)
Weight: 1 5/8oz (46gr)
Dimple Depth: 0.007″ (0.19mm)
Construction: 3-piece (Pro V1) 4-piece (Pro V1x
Outer-Most Cover Thickness: 0.032″ (0.81mm)
Seamless: No
No of Dimples: Pro V1=392 Pro V1x=332
Titleist Pro V1
Titleist Pro V1x
Control Ball – Maxfli Noodle
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