Srixon Z-UR Series

When you think of a golf ball, the first name that pops into your head isn’t Srixon…but maybe it should be. With more than 530 patents on ball design worldwide (that’s almost 2X as many as the next closest) Srixon certainly is at the forefront of the technology behind the modern golf ball. In the last few years, this technology has brought more yardage, more spin, and larger price-tags.

The most common reason behind someone’s golf-ball choice is not what they tell you. If I ask 10 people what ball they play and why, the answer I’ll hear 8 times is “Because it is the best for my game” when in reality, the answer is REALLY “Because that’s what everyone else is playing…and they are expensive, so they are better.” When I’m plopping down my hard-earned money for a dozen eggs, I want more than marketing as my reason.

The Srixon Z-UR series balls are the ‘Premium’ line from Srixon. With a street price comparable to “B-Level’ balls, I felt that these were certainly worth a look…and boy am I glad I looked. So as the jagged-toothed golf ball told me, it’s time to get our “Sricks-On.”

The Z-UR series comes in three flavors. Z-UR, Z-URC, and Z-URS. All three have the same 330 dimple pattern and ultra-soft urethane cover. The difference lies in the core materials and the size of the boundary layer. I had to look closely to see that this was indeed a 3-piece ball. The fusion between the urethane cover and the boundary material is very good…and they are both white in color. It is quite amazing how different three balls can feel so different off of a putter face. Proof that there really IS science behind these products.


This is a 3-Piece ball that is built for high trajectory. This does NOT translate into the softest feeling ball on the green. When I laid out 6 of each to randomly putt 6-footers with, the Z-UR would always make its self known by sound. I don’t think that it PUTTED any differently, but it was always apparent what ball was just struck. If you buy a sleeve to try for yourself, I’m quite sure that you’ll come to the same conclusion.


The Z-URS is aimed at the “Pro-V1″ Player. The feel, and even sound, are very similar. I won’t speak to the Driver/Iron playability of the ball, but from a putting stance, I felt that this ball had a very similar feel. It was soft off the face, and the slippery cover got it rolling right away. Seeing that the cover is a little thicker than the other “Premium” balls on the market, I can’t imagine that it will be any less durable.


Marketed as a ‘lower spin’ ball, the Z-URC is aimed towards the player that’s looking for the feel of the Z-URS, without the high spin off the driver…but what does this have to do with putting? The Z-URC and Z-URS feel almost identical to me. I’ve even gone back and forth without being able to tell the difference with a pile of them in front of me. This is REAL good news to the player that likes a lower spin ball. Normally, we’re stuck with a ball that sounds like a piece of gravel on the green…or a $55-a-dozen price tag. This ball offers the whole package, with a respectable $35 street price.

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I’m no scratch golfer…not even close. But I DO like the option of playing a ‘Premium’ ball, without feeling it in the wallet every time one finds its way into the woods, or a water hazard. With all the technology of balls costing nearly 2X as much, and a street price that’s easy to justify, the Srixon Z-UR series ball really delivers.

Now if I can just figure out how to get that little jagged-toothed guy to talk smack to my playing partners on the course…

Company: Srixon
Street Price: $35.00 – Per Dozen

Size: 1.680″ (42.69mm)
Weight: 1 5/8oz (46gr)
Dimple Depth: 0.007″ (0.19mm)
Construction: 3-piece
Outer-Most Cover Thickness: Varies
Seamless: No
No of Dimples: 330

Audio Coming Soon!

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