Nike Juice 312 Review

At first glance, the new Juice 312 ball from Nike seems to be a strict case study in the limits of golf ball marketing. Everything from the package design to the price seems to push the boundaries. I heard rumors several months back that this ball will be replacing the Mojo line, but have yet to see any solid evidence of the Mojo going away.

The Juice ball is a low compression, low spin ball that’s geared for more yardage off the tee. When I found myself rolling several putts with this ball, a few things stood out right away about its appearance. First, the 312 dimples are far less than many others that have been pushing almost 400 dimples. This makes for what appear to be 3 dimple sizes that look larger than other balls.

The alignment aide on the Juice balls is the word “GINORMOUS”, found on one side of the ball, making me fumble around a little to find it before each putt. I would have liked to see a variety of words on balls in the other sleeves in the box, perhaps something along the lines of “MASTODONIC” or “HERCULEAN”.

Putting with the Juice was a lot of fun. I rolled a dozen from varying distances with a Scotty Cameron Circa ’62 # 3. I had no problems sinking putts at any distance, and felt that the ball rolled true. The feel of the ball seemed a little more firm than the Maxfli Noodle control ball, and sounded a bit crisper off the face. I also rolled a few, alternating with a Nike One Platinum and found the same higher pitched sound with the Juice. I think the sound had a lot of impact on my perception of the ball feeling firm, but perception is reality on the greens.

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Fun ball to putt with, staring at “GINORMOUS” all day on the green can only give you confidence. A dozen Juice 312′s are completely worth it if you can find them on sale. MSRP of $28 seems a little high, however, for a two piece ball with large dimples.

Size: 1.683″ (42.77mm)
Weight: 1 5/8oz (46gr)
Dimple Depth: 0.007″ (0.19mm)
Construction: 2-piece.
Outer-Most Cover Thickness: 0.093″ (2.38mm)
Seamless: No
Nike Juice 312
Control Ball – Maxfli Noodle
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