Maxfli Fire Balls

The Maxfli website says the new “Fire” ball has a “Combustible core compound providing explosive power.” What that translates to on the green, is anyone’s guess. I chose the Maxfli Noodle as our ‘control’ ball, so it was only fitting that the first ball review be another Maxfli ball.

I got 2 dozen of these for Christmas last week, so wether or not I like them, I’ll be using at least 23 of them next season. (I had to saw one in half for the pictures.) My Dad said “These are supposed to replace the Noodle next year.” I’m not sure where he got that info, but according to Maxfli, the Noodle isn’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future. On to the Fire ball.

The first 3 putts with this ball dropped in the hole like there was a magnet. I started thinking that this was the ball for me. It turned out to be dumb-luck, but I had a good feeling about this ball out of the gate. I’m a firm believer in practicing with the same ball you use on the course. If you are using a Pro-V1 in your office, and then a Nike Mojo on the links, you are going to putt it differently. Should it matter? No. Does it? Yes. It’s all about the sound the bal makes on YOUR putter, and how hard/soft you perceive it.

“Blazing Ball Speed” doesn’t help too much with putting, so I was real interested in how it feels when putting. The standard putter that I use for testing balls, is a Cabon-Steel Scotty Cameron 009 Prototype. It’s a solid putter, and makes a great sound on the control ball. I am immediately listening for the sound that the ball makes. Too ‘clacky’ and it’ll seem harder than it really is. Too soft, and you get the opposite effect.

The Fire has a sound that’s nearly identical to a Noodle. I imagine that this is because the same Surlyn cover is used on both balls.. The cover thickness is nearly identical on the Noodle and Fire. While the sound doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal in a review, when you putt with one, it really does matter.

Cutting these balls in half, I discovered that the Noodle is a 2-piece ball, while the Fire has 3-pieces. I also discovered that the core is NOT combustible as they claim. I had my lighter on the core for a good 15 seconds, and all I managed to do was melt it and make a bunch of smoke that set off the alarm in the kitchen. What I would have done HAD it combusted is another story…I guess I’m glad they were wrong about that part. Does this help us on the green? No. I just thought I’d throw it out there in case anyone cared.

3-foot, 6-foot and the break putts all dropped like usual. This ball was very easy to get used to when going back and for the between Fire and Noodle. There really want that much of a difference. I DID find the little “fire” logo to be distracting to line putts up with. The text on the rest of the ball is a little larger than I think it needs to be. There is something about a thick font on a ball that’s distracting to me.

“Skip to the end” recap.
For under $20 a dozen, there are a lot of balls that you can buy. How this ball performs off the green is someone else’s concern. I’m here to tell you about how it putts. The Maxfli Fire is a VERY nice ball to putt with. Is it a Pro-V1? No. For the money, is it a good deal? All day long. I’ve got 23 left to hose into the woods this spring. I hope a few of them make it to the green.

Size: 1.680″ (42.69mm)
Weight: 1 5/8oz (46gr)
Dimple Depth: 0.005″ (0.13mm)
Construction: 3-piece.
Outer-Most Cover Thickness: 0.050″ (1.29mm)
Seamless: No
Maxfli Fire
Control Ball – Maxfli Noodle
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