Why a Site About Putters?

A few years ago, I came to the realization that I’m NEVER going to be a scratch golfer. I’ll even hazard a guess that I’ll never get to a single-didget handicap. The one thing that I *HAVE* noticed is that no matter the club you used on your drive, approach, or chip…you always have to putt. Science can (and has) given us 10+ yards from a driver. More Spin from a wedge. Better Shafts and Hybrid Clubs. Superintendents and designers have given us 7,500+ yard courses. Tight fairways, and impossibly long Par-3s. Something that HAS remained the same is that there is always a green at the end…and any putter, from ANY era, can get a ball from one end of it to the other. THAT is what putting is all about.

Drivers and wedges are usually obsolete in a couple of years. Putters can last a lifetime. Tiger Woods has changed about every club in his bag over the course of his career…but he’s won 11 of his 12 majors with the same putter in his bag. Not the same model…the same putter. (It’s a Scotty Cameron Newport II GSS…if anyone cares.)

There is a relationship that people build with their putters. There is no “wrong’ putting stroke. Look at Jack and Arnold…two exceptional golfers..with VERY different strokes. Is one better than the other? Jack might argue “Yes” but that’s what makes the flat-stick so great. If you can sink a 6-footer with any consistency, then you can consider yourself a good putter. And speaking of 6-footers…

While I’ll never drive the ball 350yd like Long-John, or finesse a 5-Iron like Phil…I CAN sink a 5-footer on any given green. That’s a shot that any golfer in any land knows VERY well. Wether it’s for $1,000,000, a Major Championship, or bragging rights at lunch…putts are what wins at golf.

When I got knee-deep in this hobby a year or so ago, I started a website called The Cameron Collector to learn more about collecting Scotty Cameron putters. What I learned, is that there is MUCH more to putting than just one man’s definition. What makes putts for one guy, feels like a slug to another. That’s why there is more than one putter out there! So now I’m taking the plunge into the REST of putting.

We’re going to learn a LOT about putters. From the history of the putter, to the science that drives it today. From Cast Alloys, to Milled German Stainless Steel. From Elastomer inserts, to milled groves. We’re going to show you the way it was, the way it is now, and how we got here. We’ve got a high-speed camera that’ll show videos of what is happening when you putt. We’re going to review EVERYTHING from the putter’s point of view. If it’s a Course, we’re going to talk about the greens. If it’s a ball, we’re going to tell you how it feels off of a putter. If it’s a Belt…well…I can’t think of why we’d review a belt…but you get the idea!

You’ll find the Forums section will become the lifeblood of this site. It all comes back to members helping other members. We’re not going to become a retail site, just a place to get information. The Forums section will be where you’ll get ‘in the field’ reviews from other members, and general putter chat as well.

So welcome to PutterTalk! We’re glad you found us, and even happier that you bothered to read this whole article!

-Doug Hardman

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